Hear them call

16 Feb 2023 Single “Drogbeeld”
Dec 2018 Split “Vlucht” with Reiziger
Jan 2016 EP “Silhouettes of an Imprisoned Mind”

Dense atmospheres luring the ones that hear. Finding your way in intensity, sometimes threatening and lost. The path seems clear, but stick to it too long and the path is what makes you lost. WITTE WIEVEN weave such sonic spells with alchemical ease.

Nathan Birke

Met beide benen in het niets” is een dynamisch nummer dat enkele mooie opbouwen kent en haar mysteries gaandeweg prijsgeeft.


The songwriting is very good — the three songs are each quite distinct and memorable — and so is the production. It’s easy to lose yourself in this otherworldly dreamscape of lost souls and restless spirits.