"Witte Wieven" means 'wise women' or the literal translation 'white women' in Dutch. Witte Wieven are sometimes connected to the Norns of the Norse mythology. They are the all-knowing beings that spin the threads of fate at the foot of the Tree of Life.

Dutch folklore tells us about the Witte Wieven in many different forms. They were seen as the mists hanging above the fields or near burial mounds. In the stories people would visit them for spiritual guidance. Some believe the Witte Wieven are wandering ghosts of heartbroken women. Not all Witte Wieven are kind. They lure men to dance with them... until they die.


A pretty sight, with a dangerous, tempting darkness. A taste of that atmosphere, will be heard in Witte Wieven's debut EP 'Silhouettes of an Imprisoned Mind'. This two-piece band will bring you a blend of black metal, dissonance and dreamy landscapes.